How to choose the localization partner that’s right for you

We are in the era of automation. Nowadays, technology allows us to automate tweets, replies to emails and pretty much anything in your home. If you’re an app developer, chances are you will want to automate every process associated with your app development as much as possible. And that’s perfectly fine – you shouldn’t waste […]

Do’s and Don’ts of App Localization

We’ve never heard so much about app localization. Platforms enabling companies and independent developers to translate their apps are flourishing on the Web. In the meantime, hundreds of apps in the App Store and on Google Play are still available only in English, or worse, feature awful translations that sound like robots. So there’s no […]

App localization: why Russia is well worth considering

Localization is one of the best ways to increase the visibility of your app and the number of downloads. It turns out that by localizing just the app description and the keywords you can increase the number of downloads by up to 700%.   This is especially true in the case of the Russian market. […]

Website localization: 6 simple tips for startups

Today I was tweeted at by someone who sent me a link. I clicked it and I had conflicting emotions about what I saw.   It was a landing page for a new service connected with travel and I love travel and everything that has to do with it.   The site had nice design. I’m not […]

App localization: 11 reasons to provide high-quality translation for your app

App localization can be overwhelming. You have so many decisions to make! What languages to translate your app into? Which service provider to choose? Professional translation services might seem pricey. However there are some good reasons to invest into them.   In this post I will discuss these reasons and provide some tips on how to […]

Case study: translating Pacer app

I found Pacer in May and this app had everything I needed and even more. It could track the number of steps I took each day, as well as the distance I covered walking or running, my weight and the number of calories I burnt each day. It supported synchronization with MyFitnessPall. It could help form healthier habits […]